abandoning the blog

Over the summer, since the referendum delivered its hammer-blow to the British body politic, I have neglected this blog-site. The world of politics, which has obsessed me for years, went into a Catherine-Wheel-like spin, meriting more comment and insalubrious scrutiny (and getting it) than the most outlandish soap opera. I was sated with it. But more – I was disillusioned.

For a while, both the UK’s leading parties were leaderless and loopy. I assume that the smell of power emanating from the vacuum that opened up as a result of the referendum-quake drove Westminster’s denizens out of their minds.

The Conservative party recovered quite quickly, found itself with a new leader while no-one was looking, and went gratefully into recess. Labour, assisted on its way by its new super-democratic (?) leadership election rules, has been going through the inevitable death or metamorphosis throes of a party that has lost its raison d’être.

Throughout a metaphorical whiff of stench was in the air. The referendum campaign made obvious the post-truth political era we are in, and only confirmed my olfactory sense – that political discourse, the whole conversation, has become debased. So much so, that to participate in it left me feeling tainted. So I have absented myself from it. I should clarify what I mean, and intend to do so soon. Watch this space.


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