EU In or Out – How to decide?


When the referendum was announced it hit me like a hammer blow: Hold on, I thought; I’m not ready!

Walking into the booth and endorsing the hateful, corrupt, bureaucratic, undemocratic neo-liberal project called the EU, which serves big business and is negotiating TTIP feels unthinkable.

Then again, voting to leave without a promise that the alternative will be a progressive social democracy – but rather to the contrary it would unfetter our hateful, corrupt, undemocratic neo-con(?) government to do even more harm –  seems unlikely.

Given this Hobson’s choice, how am I to decide? The way the mainstream media is talking about that choice (narrow, isolated interests (could migrants apply for benefits?) or large, amorphous threats (we’d lose xxmillion jobs)) distracts me I’m sure from the real issues. What are they?

So I’ve brought together two voices rarely heard in this discussion but whose perspectives I hope will help me find a way to make my choice:

Syriza’s representative in the UK Marina Prentoulis is a surprise inner; Mike Gold is a Green worried about the poor and is an outer.

Please join me at Middlesex University on 21 March at 7:15, and test your perspective against these formidable speakers’ expertise. See the leaflet here:

EU leaflet


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