Crisis, what crisis? Solving Barnet’s Car Crisis


Arguably I am jumping ahead of myself. What crisis, indeed.

Slow-motion crises (eg global warming) are easy to ignore. My local campaigning has given me vital insights, and my politics a readiness to acknowledge that there is a mounting crisis borne of limited roadspace along with an inexorable increase in the number of vehicles on Barnet’s roads. The symptoms of the crisis are evident in almost every conversation with a Barnet resident, in the focus on traffic and parking in every forum meeting newspaper headline and planning application, and in the growing number of accidents, congestion, and delays.

I asked the council what they are doing to ease the pressure? Yesterday I got my answer. It was vague and limited. It included “making transport improvements”; specific junctions that come under pressure would be studied; and working with schools.

This is symptomatic of the twin hurdles we face: firstly, official refusal to acknowledge the crisis; and secondly the utter lack of imagination in relation to the outdated, polluting, and unsustainable car culture.

A SUMMIT I convened last year set about thinking about ways to develop transport in Barnet so as to avert (subvert) the crisis.

The report was launched last night, you can read it here.

The point of it to kick-start a conversation about the crisis and its solutions. Lets have it!


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