How to achieve prosperity WITHOUT growth!

We Greens have always maintained the need to recognise the limits of our blue and green planet.

We want to thrive, obviously. But it’s impossible to talk about prosperity without ‘growth’ being implicit. Try it! (“Britain’s economy will improve when it…”)

We will be exploring growth-free prosperity with Helena Paul of EcoNexus on 25th January in North Finchley all are welcome.

Here’s the leaflet: no growth wealth


Helena says:

For decades the assumption has been that economic growth and consumption growth will continue forever. However, the consequences for climate, ecosystems and human societies are becoming clearer and clearer. We are already breaching planetary limits and at the same time, inequality between people is increasing all around us.

Some believe that technologies can be developed to help us solve these problems and enable endless growth to continue. Is this true? Or can we develop systems that enable us to develop as human beings and increase equality and prosperity without continuous economic growth? What might that look like? And what does the word prosperity really mean anyway?

EcoNexus is a small environmental justice and research organisation with scientific expertise. It specialises in researching emerging technologies with the potential for negative impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, food security and society.


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