Hating the Corbyn phenomenon

Frankly, I’m horrified by how Corbyn – the grassroots uprising that brought Corbyn to the leadership – is loathed by establishment Labour.

This is what a Labour member reports about one Enfield Labour meeting:

Someone suggested that the chair congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his election as leader and confirm our support. This was met with shouts of NO NO from Councillor Claire Stewart and others, so the chair agreed not to acknowledge the outcome of the election.

They don’t get that this is the best chance Labour has of reclaiming a future for itself and for the people it seeks to represent. If only they would grasp the opportunity and the challenge that this uprising represents.

What is that opportunity? it’s lurking in the second half of this article for the BBC strand of the openDemocracy website that I wrote last week. Get all your Labour friends to read it, maybe?



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