Don’t downgrade Quinta Village Green

The Village Green down Mays Lane was hard-fought for. The local community led a grassroots campaign for five years and finally saw Quinta Public Open Space registered as a Village Green in 2010. So the field with its derelict building are protected land that the council must maintain: a Village Green.

The boarded up building continues to crumble, unwanted on the site, but the Green itself is now under threat. The local residents were surveyed as to whether most of the area should be redesignated a meadow. Meadows are lovely, but this is the playground for the local children, and long, unkempt grass will interrupt the local people’s enjoyment of the Green, there won’t be the same play options.

Quinta Village Green

Gina, who lives opposite the field with her husband and two children, had suggested to the council that the hedge in front of the Green be lowered so that she and her neighbours can overlook the Green and keep the children in view – increasing the Green’s utility. But this survey, which yielded a tiny response (34 from 460 questionnaires, 21 being in favour), has spooked her. Her concern is that the resdesignation will do more than save the council the need to maintain the Green. It will make it easier to redesignate the field’s status further, and maybe free it up for development.

So she is resisting this initiative. She contacted her local councillors. They had not been told of the survey, and now they’ve been alerted, and an election on its way, they have jumped into action and written to the council officers demanding an explanation.

We await developments eagerly. We are all for consultation, but are also very keen on transparency, and protection of the Green Belt and communally-owned spaces and property.


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