More “disposing” of our spaces!

I have just submitted this objection to Barnet’s recommendation to sell off still more our public land – and seemingly on the basis of only its “visual amenity” and (OF COURSE!) its “financial value”.

here it is:
tree behind 71 Holden Rd
I am very worried about the proposed 150 year lease on the land to the rear of 71 Holden Road – please treat this as AN OBJECTION.

Too much of our public space is being privatised. This is public ‘Open Space’. No more privatisation PLEASE!

Anyway – where is the environmental impact assessment of this wooded land? I could find none! Absolutely no disposal until we know that, for heaven’s sake. This land is a Borough Wide area for Nature Conservation, green chains and Metropolitan Open Space. An assessment of its environmental and social value are just as important as financial value and visual amenity – which appear to be your sole concerns (according to the paperwork).

To say it is inaccessible is both helpful (it helps the wildlife) and untrue! I have walked along there myself – Crossing the stream when I was exploring.

Anyway – what about the Environment Agency’s 8 metre-zone to protect Dollis Brook and its banks? Where is that addressed in your assessments and recommendation?

Don’t grant a two year call option to HGS Properties (Brookdene Holden Road Ltd)  to purchase the Public Open Space at the rear of 71 Holden Road on a 150 year lease, not before the matters I raise above are fully explored.”

The deadline is today (5pm) I was only lobbied about this this morning…


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