TTIP denial – MP’s letter

Barnet Green Party member Phil Fletcher wrote to our MP the Rt Hon Theresa Villiers about TTIP – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment “Partnership” negotiations.

The “partnership” treaty had been negotiated in secret, and appears to any ordinary reader as a startlingly all-encompassing agreement to release business from all constraint, including by democratically elected governments wishing to protect values (such as workers’ rights, environmental protections, regulations of certain commercial excesses).

Phil received a reply from the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. I’m uploading pictures of the letter here, and will post my responses to this letter over the coming days, You are welcome to make suggestions and comments too.

T.Villiers letter on TTIP p1   T.Villiers letter on TTIP p2








4 thoughts on “TTIP denial – MP’s letter

  1. Phil Fletcher says:

    Theoretically Walmart, as US owners of ASDA, could sue the Northern Irish Government form implementing the Sustainable Communities Act 2006 by introducing a supermarket tax to help independent shops with paying rents and rates.

  2. inka says:

    it is quite shocking to me to read what Theresa Villier has said as she is clearly misinformed and seemingly willfully ignorant.
    It is a tired and misleading claim to ‘assure’ citizens that because the UK has long used ISDS in its international treaties that ISDS is not something to fear. The playing field that the UK did this on in the past was vastly tipped in its favor. The foreign investors were from the UK and the governments were largely third world. In other words we were the bullies using this arbitration technique.

    Theresa’s £10B claim is also ultimately bollocks although not technically a lie. The truth is that the £10B predicted is in fact 0.05% of the gross. Economists admit that within the margin of error in such predictions is in fact greater than 0.05% and that because it has been calculated to come about (possibly) over the next 12 years … not ‘tomorrow’ …… it is not a figure that one can seriously utilize as a reason to sign up to TTIP/

    There is more if you care to read on.

    It is important for people to know that ISDS does not employ two legal principles which most people take for granted when they hear words such as “arbitration” or “judicators” or “court” :

    Legal Principle #1) Equitable Access to Justice (meaning both parties can take either party to court) In ISDS, only corporations can take states to court. States or anyone esle can not take corporations to court.


    Legal Principle #2) Independent judges with no conflict of interest (there is absolutly no mechanism to ensure that the ‘judges’ are independent and seeing as they need to be gifted and successful corporate lawyers themselves the chances are high that they will have some connection with the corporations) .

    Bilateral treaties of the past ensured that UK companies could bully weak governments in Africa or Asia. ISDS in TTIP will now allow US based multinationals to bully the UK government who seems to be weaker and weaker against big business in the UK and the City of London’s interests, let alone multinationals who will have a legal right to sue them if they pass public policy (like raising the minimum wage) which will affect their profit.

    This comment is already very long so I will stop here… but

    Its quite revolting to read such sef serving garbage from my MP. Although no one expects a politician to know the truth anymore… I still cannot help but be shocked when they get things so shcikingly wrong presumably because they cannot be bothered to read anything beyond what their party wants them to say. We vote for people to represent us. not for them to tow the party line and do nothing else.

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