Message to Green voters in Barnet

Barnet now has, for the second time, confirmed that the Green Party is the third Barnet party. In the recent local election, Green Party candidates came third behind the behemoths – Labour and Conservatives – in most cases.
In High Barnet, Phil Fletcher and I, with well over 900 votes each, achieved the Greens’ best votes ever in Barnet borough elections and easily beat the top LibDem candidate, a former councillor.
Nor is this a fluke, but confirms a trend that was already evident in 2012 when the Greens beat the LibDems across Barnet in all three sections of the London Assembly elections – Mayor, Barnet & Camden constituency, and party list.
Greens are confirmed as Barnet’s third party, and in a proportional voting system we would now have several councillors fighting to reverse the One Barnet sell-off, get more affordable homes built, promote community and our high streets, and build democratic inclusiveness.
Elsewhere Greens did well – Camden retains a Green councillor, and in nearby Islington, Green councillor Caroline Russell is the sole opposition, taking on 47 Labour councillors.
We acknowledge all who voted Green in Barnet. We recognise your wish -made loud and clear- to bring about a fairer, healthier, happier Barnet. We hope that Barnet’s politicians will register your wishes and reflect on that.
As the leading alternative to the two big parties, we Greens will continue to be the progressive voice in Barnet. We invite you to join us and push for a politics for the common good – for people and the planet.

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