anti-Cycling AGAIN!

In the latest issue of the Barnet Times my riposte to Dennis Pepper’s unfortunate slurs on Greens and cyclists appeared. I’ve had reason to refer to this unfortunate campaign before, and it is time to go public with rebuttal.

Here’s the letter:

Dennis Pepper’s outrageous charge on your pages (Bad News for Walkers in Barnet, Times 24 April 2014 p16) demands a response. The suggestion that we Greens “lose sight of green spaces” when we get on our bikes is ludicrous, as is the whole thrust of Mr Pepper’s argument. In pitting walkers against cyclists, Mr Pepper is doing the car lobby’s job for it – divide and rule. Walkers and cyclists clearly share interests in common. Our bodies vulnerable – we’re not driving metal boxes at lethal speeds.
Surely we walkers and pedallers can reach a working modus vivendi. My suggestion? Cyclists yield to pedestrians everywhere, save on the highway (unless it’s a pedestrian crossing). Come on Dennis, let’s join forces to celebrate the health-giving, community-building, high-street promoting, pollution denying, life-enhancing aspects of walking and cycling.
A M Poppy, Green Party candidate for High Barnet


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