20MPH letter in this week’s paper

Entitled Roll out 20mph across borough this letter by Andrew Newby, chair of Barnet Green Party, appeared in this week’s Barnet Press:

Councillor Hugh Rayner gives excellent reasons for supporting 20mph speed limits in small areas such as near schools but gives no reason for his opposition to broader 20mph zones.

Maybe that’s because there aren’t any serious reasons for opposing wider 20mph districts, which have been adopted in several London boroughs and now even in the City of London.

Implementing 20mph limits in all Barnet’s residential and shopping streets could be cheaper than approving a host of small zones as less overall signage would be needed and could also be more effective as local drivers would get in the habit of going at 20mph in side roads rather than 30mph being the norm.

Nor does a 20mph limit lead to greater fuel consumption as some have suggested. Research shows fuel consumption falls as people drive more steadily instead of accelerating away, braking at the next hazard and then accelerating again.

Mr Rayner accepts that lower limits reduce accidents, but they can also have other benefits.

They can boost neighbourhood high streets as people feel safer to cycle or walk there and parents can feel more confident about letting children walk or cycle to school.

The current situation, where there are several campaigns across Barnet for 20mph limits and other road safety measures, show how popular they are.

Come on Mr Rayner – time to accept 20mph limits are better for everyone.

Andrew Newby, Green Party Candidate, Coppetts ward




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