SMOG in London – Oh dear!



Gotta wear a mask on a day like today!

Finchley’s famous naked lady and Barnet Green Party members wear masks against the air pollution that caused more than 4,000 premature deaths of Londoners last year. La Deliverance (as the lady is called) stands exposed to one of the most polluted roads in London – the North Circular.

Recent figures released by Barnet’s Environmental Health department, analysing air quality, show that nitrogen dioxide pollution continues to exceed expectations and acceptable levels.
The source of the pollution is identified as road traffic, and the places where the pollution is high are often near residential areas.
The European Commission has recently begun legal proceedings that could see the UK face fines of up to £300m a year for London alone – for failing to meet EU standards of NO2 in the air.

It will take pretty concerted efforts to cut emissions and promote natural lungs – trees and other plants. The Barnet Green Party calls for these measures, and supports local shops, so as to reduce people driving to Brent cross and elsewhere. We also look forward to the planting, cycle hire scheme, and electrical charging points being proposed in North Finchley (maybe because that’s where one of Barnet’s two air monitors are) being extended across the borough.




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