Recycling letter in the Barnet Times

This letter, that reprises some of my recycling material earlier in this blog, is published in this week’s Barnet Times. So far, no response from its subject:


Still seeking that meeting

In the pages of your paper last year I called for a meeting with Cllr Dean Cohen to discuss recycling. After I sent an e-mail, made a phone call, and sent another e-mail, a meeting was scheduled. I was delighted and e-mailed ahead the questions I wished to discuss.

The day before, the meeting was cancelled by Cllr Cohen’s office, suggesting I propose an alternative date. I suggested six or more alternative dates all of which were turned down. I asked Cllr Cohen to propose a date. Silence has reigned from his end despite my frequent reminders. I don’t tell your readers this story to moan. I recount this as an illustrative example of the disdain the council shows for the electorate, and for its democratic duties.

The lack of democratic accountability is an ongoing scandal in Barnet. I’m ashamed of our ruling politicians. But of course, should Cllr Cohen have a change of heart, I’m still seeking that meeting.

Signed A M Poppy, Barnet Green Party


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