Planning – letter published

A letter from three of us in the Barnet Green Party was published in the Barnet Press today under the rather odd headline of Green Sky Thinking Required

(especially odd since the motion to improve rail services in Barnet, which is due before council next week is a Labour motion. We believe in working with whomever will do the right thing for Barnet).

Today, Barnet Council’s Cabinet could vote through considerable sums, for the Brent Cross “regeneration”.

The scheme is a travesty of sustainable, community-oriented development. It suits the big corporations wanting to profit from construction regardless of the long-term consequences and retail regardless of the quality of jobs produced and wider devastation.

It is due, according to Barnet’s own plans, to “regenerate” 29,000 extra car journeys in the area every day.

The added pollution, noise and road disruption to the community is a terrible prospect.

London is already the most polluted capital city in Europe and air pollution is reputed to be the second highest contributory cause of death to Londoners after smoking.

So any move to get the council to improve public transport in the borough by enhancing rail services (including trams or DLR) services has to be welcomed.

A motion to that effect is due to come before council next Tuesday.

We urge all councillors to reject the Brent Cross plans as they stand, and to support this motion.

The future of our borough is in these councillors’ hands.

Will they see that the introduction of better, greener public transoportBarnet is in all our interests?

Poppy, Phil, Andrew the Barnet Green Party


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